About Persson Rare Minerals

By admin • • 30 Jan 2013
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Welcome to Persson Rare Minerals!

        Hi, and thanks for checking out my page. My name is Philip Persson and I’m an exploration geologist, graduate student, and mineral collector.

I’ve been interested in minerals and geology since I was a little kid hammering pyrite crystals out of the outcrop behind my family’s house near Stockholm, Sweden. After moving to the U.S as a kid, we eventually ended up near mineralogical mecca and ‘Fluorescent Mineral Capital of the World’ Franklin, New Jersey, where my obsession with all thing mineral-related really took off. By 16 or so I was selling minerals on Ebay and at local mineral shows, had written articles for the local club journal, the Franklin-Ogdensburg Mineralogical Society (FOMS), and was out field collecting every chance I could get. I moved to Colorado for college in 2005, and after receiving my geology degree from the University of Colorado, worked in the mining industry as an exploration geologist, traveling to places like Northern Idaho, Nevada, and Arctic Sweden to look for new mineral deposits.

I’m now back in Denver now, working on my masters degree at the Colorado School of Mines in nearby Golden. My thesis is on the petrology and mineralogy of peralkaline granite pegmatites associated with the Pikes Peak Batholith, which as many of you know has produced a wealth of rare and beautiful minerals. I hope to shed some light on the fascinating processes that are involved in the formation of rare element deposits and REE-enriched granites, and how we can provide for the future demand of such elements in our ever-technologically changing world.

 In addition to offering worldwide ‘classics’, rare species, and self-collected specimens here on my website and on Ebay, I am also set up at minerals shows in Colorado throughout the year, including the ‘main show’ in September at the Colorado Merchandise Mart here in Denver. I strive to offer nice specimens at reasonable prices, with a focus of customer communication, ‘free extras’ with every package, and enriching the collaborative spirit between the amateur and professional mineralogical communities. Thanks for looking and please email me with any questions or comments! -Philip

Thanks for looking and please shoot me an email if you would like to order a specimen or are looking for something unusual you don’t see, particularly rare earth element minerals and Colorado minerals! -Philip