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By admin • Colorado Minerals • 12 Jun 2013
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Colorado Coltan, LLC was founded in 2012 by Philip Persson in Denver, Colorado.

Colorado Coltan LLC will operate as a mineral exploration company, focusing on the acquisition, evaluation, and mining of rare metals targets within Colorado and adjacent states, specifically for Tantalum and Niobium resources. Exploration activities will be carried out with investor support under the LLC title and subsequent mining activities will proceed with permission from the appropriate state agencies. Philip Persson, of 3139 Larimer St., Denver, Colorado is the CEO and Geologist of the company, and presently employs one person, Thomas Felts of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, as an assistant geologist.

Colorado Coltan seeks to become the premier domestic U.S producer of ‘coltan’, or columbite-tantalite, a mineral series constituting the major source of Tantalum and Niobium. Through field exploration, sampling, mapping, and claims acquisition, Colorado Coltan has already identified several promising mining targets within Colorado, New Mexico, and South Dakota, which have the potential to produce coltan concentrates within the next 1.5 years. Colorado Coltan is working with investors in Los Angeles as well as U.S-based agents of mineral exploration investment firms in China.

We seek to diversify our mineral claims assets during the 2013 field season, as well as conduct a test mining phase on one of our targets through a potential lease agreement. We are presently negotiating with an investor over a financing deal which would provide initial capital for this pilot-phase operation in return for a pre-set purchase price and quantity of coltan concentrate.

Longer-term plans include expanding exploration activities into Canada and potentially Central America, but maintaining our focus on the acquisition and mining of small deposits which support our ‘mine to market’ sustainability and cash-flow model.

Potential investors or otherwise interested individuals are encouraged to contact us with further questions.


Philip Persson

Exploration Geologist

Colorado Coltan LLC

3139 Larimer St., Denver, CO, 80205


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