Post-Tucson 2016 New Minerals

By admin • Crystallized Classics • 1 Mar 2016
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I recently returned from the annual ‘Tucson pilgrimage’ I make each year for a week or so to the greatest and largest mineral show on earth, which now extends for nearly a month in late January and early February in Tucson, Arizona. While one could say there is a general trend of minerals (like most other consumer goods) becoming more expensive with each passing year, there is also an incredible bounty of good quality minerals including some real ‘gems’ at reasonable prices if one looks hard enough. Indeed sometimes I think we live in the ‘golden era’ of mineral collecting, with the frenetic pace of mining and development around the world, especially in developing nations, and our increasing interconnectedness meaning that minerals found in far-flung corners of the globe are now much more likely to end up on a table in Tucson. Anyways, I was able to acquire ~15 flats of new material, from old classics to new and novel things, and I hope that the effort I make to ‘curate’ (as much as I dislike the recent popularization of this word) my acquisitions to suite the tastes of my customers, whom are certainly more sophisticated and discerning than I. :) I also hope these specimens suite your budget; as always I use my 20+ year experience as a collector myself to get the best minerals at the best prices I can and pass that on to you. So, thanks as always for looking and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you find you may have. -Philip


IMG_1181 IMG_1182

T1: Mimetite: Mount Bonnie Mine, Grove Hill, Northern Territory, Australia: $150.00

A very nice group of sharp yellow Mimetite crystals  to almost 1 cm on gossan matrix from the Mount Bonnie Mine, Grove Hill, Northern Territory, Australia. Collected by Norm Robinson in the mid-1980′s at this now-extinct locality. Ex. ‘Pickens Minerals.’ Some minor peripheral damage but still a great piece for the locality. A rare Classic!
Specimen Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 3 cm. Weight: 70 grams

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