Rare USGS and Geology Publications for Sale

By admin • Colorado Minerals • 11 Mar 2013
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                                                                                                                        B1: ‘The Pegmatites of The Spruce Pine District, North Carolina’, a PhD dissertation by Charles Stewart Maurice. PP. 51-187; Reprined from ‘Economic Geology’, 1936, Johns Hopkins University. $10.00 A very rare publication on a classic U.S pegmatite district!

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                                                                                                                        B2: ‘Pegmatite Deposits of Virginia’, by Arthur A. Pegau, Geological Survey of Virginia, 1932. 123 pages + map pocket. The definitive work on the varied and mineralogically interesting pegmatite deposits of the state of Virginia. Now a very rare publication and out of print many years. In great shape except for the cover being cleanly detached. Has some fantastic photographs of mica sorting, mine workings, and various pegmatite-related industries of yesteryear. $19.99

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                                                                                                                    B3: ‘The Commercial Granites of New England’, USGS Bulletin 738, by T. Nelson Dale, Washington D.C, 1923. 473 pages with many maps and illustrations. An impressive and extremely thorough work covering all the hundreds of important commercial granite quarries of New England, with a focus on geology and history. Does have some wear, especially on the front and back covers, but the body of the book is in good shape considering the age and could be re-bound easily. As such I’m selling this somewhat on the inexpensive side for a rare, important work. The maps and illustrations are beautiful and could be framed individually; my photos don’t do them justice. $35.00

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                                                                                                                     B4: ‘Mica-Bearing Pegmatites of New Hampshire’, pp: 363-390 with two large pull-out maps, Geological Survey Bulletin 931-P, 1942. By J.C Olson. A nice copy of a great rare reference for New England field collectors! In good shape. $9.00

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                                                                                                                        B5: ‘The Crystalline Rocks of South Carolina’, Geological Survey Bulletin 1183, 1965. 126 pages with map pocket. A nice copy of an unusual reference covering the ‘real’ rocks of South Carolina, and shedding some geological insight on famous localities like Diamond Hill and Due West. In excellent shape with some beautiful color maps. $17.00



















                                                                                                                     B6: ‘Geology of the Republic Quadrangle and a part of the Aeneas Quadrangle, Ferry County, Washington’, USGS Bulletin 1216, 1967, by Sig Muessig, 135 pp. with map pocket. A great copy of a work covering the geology of one of the most important gold producing districts of the Northwestern U.S, still being mined today by Kinross Gold. Great maps in color! $19.99

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                                                                                                                       B7: ‘Geology and Manganese Deposits of the Glade Mountain District, Virginia’, by Ralph L. Miller, Virginia Geological Survey, 1944. 150 pages with map packet. A good copy of an unusual and comprehensive work covering the Mn deposits and geology of an important Appalachian Mining District. Sorry about the lack of a photo of the cover, it’s in good shape. $15.00




















B8: ‘The Geology and Ore Deposits of the Viburnum Trend, Missouri’, Missouri Bureau of Mines Guidebook # 58, 1975. 56 pages with photos and mine working maps. A rare old field trip guidebook summarizing the mineral deposits of a famous mining district. Excellent condition. $15.00


                                                                                                                       B9: ‘Aerial Photographs in Geologic Interpretation and Mapping’ Geological Survey Professional Paper 373, by Richard G. Ray, 1960. 230 pp., pages 77-230 are all black & white full-page illustrative photo plates. A great copy of a rare and very important work summarizing the use of aerial photography in geologic mapping and interpretation. Sorry I only have one photo of this book right now. $39.99

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 B10: ‘SYSTEMATIC MINERALOGY OF URANIUM AND THORIUM’ USGS BULLETIN 1064, by Clifford Frondel.  400 pages, 6 X 9”, soft cover, 1958.  $29.99 This comprehensive report covers work done on behalf of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, and includes information covering all known uranium and thorium-bearing minerals on a worldwide basis.  Included are numerous tables and line drawings, and one b & w photo.  Each mineral species is described according to its synonymy, composition, crystallography and crystal habit, physical properties, optical properties, synthesis, identification, natural formation, and occurrence.  The descriptive mineralogy is followed by determinative tables in which the mineral species are arranged according to their X-ray powder-diffraction interplanar spacings, chemical composition, optical properties, color, specific gravity, and fluorescence.  The work is documented by more than 800 references to the world literature of the past 200 years!  This is an absolute “must have” reference for anyone interested in radioactive minerals! Published by the U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, 1958. (Above description courtesy of ‘MinResCo’).

Ex. Library in EXCELLENT condition!

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B11: ‘ECONOMIC GEOLOGY OF THE BISHOP TUNGSTEN DISTRICT, CALIFORNIA’ CALIFORNIA DIVISION OF MINES SPECIAL REPORT 47, by Paul C. Bateman. 88 pages WITH MAP PACKET, 11.25 X 9”, soft cover, 1956. A great copy of a rare reference on the geology of the mineral deposits on an important California Mining District. A rare and classic reference! $19.99 Ex. Library in VERY GOOD condition!

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B12: ‘GEOLOGY OF EPIGENETIC URANIUM DEPOSITS IN SANDSTONE IN THE UNITED STATES’ USGS PROFESSIONAL PAPER 538, by Warren Finch.  121 pages, 11.25 X 9”, soft cover, 1967. $19.99  This comprehensive report covers work done on behalf of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission by the U.S.G.S, and includes information covering all known epigenetic type sandstone-hosted uranium deposits in the United States.  Included are numerous figures and a back cover map packet containing several large maps, including the one pictured which illustrates all known sandstone-hosted U deposits on a map of the U.S. A rare and classic reference! 

Ex. Library in EXCELLENT condition!

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B13: ‘GEOLOGY AND ORE DEPOSITS OF THE METALINE FALLS Pb-Zn DISTRICT PEND OREILLE COUNTY WASHINGTON’ USGS P.P 489. $29.99 A nice copy of a rare reference covering a classic and active American mining district. Great for mineral collectors and economic geologists! Printed 1965; pp. 1-97 with many figures and drawings. Ex. Library in GOOD condition! I worked in this district for Teck-Cominco in 2008 and recall going into a huge crystal pocket/cave in the dolomite lined with millions of sparkling calcite, barite and dolomite crystals, which I could stand in(!) definitely a sight I’ll never forget…

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B14: ‘Mineral Resources of the Illinois-Kentucky Mining District’, USGS Professional Paper 970, 1976, 15 pp. $10.00 A rare publication focusing on the exploration potential as well as past production of this world famous mineral locality!


B15: ‘Geology of the Elmers Rock Greenstone Belt, Laramie Range, Wyoming’, by Graff, Sears, Holden, & Hausel, 1982, Wyoming Geological Survey. 23 pp. with map packet. $14.99 An excellent copy of a rare publication on the geology of an unusual section of Wyoming, containing unusual Archean ultramafic and mafic rocks.

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                                                                                                                        B16: ‘Tin and Tungsten Deposits at Silver Hill, Spokane County, Washington’, USGS Bulletin 931-H, 1942, By Lincoln Page, pp. 177-200 + map packet and many insert maps. $9.99 A great copy of a rare publication on an unusual mining district in Washington State. Many great mine working maps and geology maps of the area.

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                                                                                                                        B17: ‘Zirconium and Hafnium in the Southeastern Atlantic States’, USGS Bulletin 1082-A, 1958, John B. Mertie, 25 pp. A great copy of a rare publication on REE placer deposits in the Atlantic coastal plain! $4.99

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                                                                                                                       B18: ‘General Geology of the Mammoth Quadrangle, Pinal County, Arizona’, USGS Bulletin 1218, 1967, S.C Creasy, 94 pp. with map packet. A good copy of a report on the geology of a classic U.S. mining district and mineral locality, Tiger Arizona! Features a beautiful color geology map of the quad showing the famous Mammoth-St.Anthony Mine! $17.99


                                                                                                                      B19: ‘Tin Resources of the Kings Mountain District, North and South Carolina’, by Keith & Sterrett, 1917, USGS Bulletin 660-D. A great ex-libary copy of a report from 1917(!) on the tin resources of a famous mining district which includes the Foote mine! $9.99

IMG_1104 IMG_1105 IMG_1106

                                                                                                                      B20: ‘Tungsten Deposits in the Tungsten Hill, Inyo County, California’, USGS Bulletin 922-Q, 1941, by Dwight Lemmon. pp. 497-514 with map packet. Great ex-Library report on an unusual mining district in California. $9.99

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                                                                                                                       B21: ‘The Blewett Iron-Nickel Deposit in Chelan County, Washington’, USGS Bulletin 969-D, 1950, pp. 89-103 with map packet. Deep in the soggy, mossy heart of the wild Cascade Mountains lies this enigmatic Ni-Fe-Cu deposit, one of the world’s great unexplored deposits of it’s type. First mentioned in John McPhee’s famous book, ‘The Archdruid’, this deposit remains unmined. That’s all I’m going to tell you. :) $9.99

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B22: ‘Geology of the Appalachian Valley of Virginia’, by Charles Butts, University of Virginia Press, 1941, VGS Report. 270 pages with many illustrations. This is part II of this report, which focuses on invertebrate fossils of the sedimentary rocks of Virginia. $14.99 Rare!!

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                                                                                                                       B23: ‘Uranium Resources of the Green River and Henry Mountains Districts, Utah, A Regional Synthesis.’ USGS Bulletin 1087-C, 1959, Henry Johnson, pp. 59-103 with map packet. $9.99 Great report on an unusual Colorado plateau uranium district in Utah!

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B24: ‘Investigation of the Harding Lithium-Tantalum Deposits, Taos County, New Mexico.’ Bureau of Mines Report 4607, by Howard Berliner, 1949. $9.99 Report of the economic deposits of this famous pegmatite!

IMG_1121 IMG_1123 IMG_1124

                                                                                                                      B25: ‘Uranium Resources of Northwestern New Mexico’, USGS Professional Paper 603, 1969, by Lowell Hilpert, 163 pages with included maps and illustrations. (Map packet also included but has disattached). A great reference on uranium deposits of this fascinating State. $14.99

IMG_1116 IMG_1117

B26: ‘Virgin Valley Opal District, Humboldt County, Nevada’, USGS Circular 142, 1951, Staatz & Bauer. 7 pages with maps. $14.99 A very rare report on one of the world’s premier precious opal districts!

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                                                                                                                      B27: ‘Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Cartersville District, Georgia.’ USGS Professional Paper 224, 1950, by Thomas Kesler, 97 pages with map packet. A fair copy of a classic reference on an important southeastern U.S mining district famous for its large, sharp barite crystals! $19.99

IMG_1134 IMG_1135 IMG_1136

B28: ‘Geology and Mineral Resources of the Lemhi Pass Thorium District, Idaho and Montana.’ USGS Professional Paper 1049-A, by Mortimer H. Staatz, 1979. 89 pages + map packet. $24.99. A great copy of the definitive report on one of the great untapped thorium and rare earth element deposits of the United States! Includes several beautiful color geologic maps as well.

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