What’s New at Persson Rare Minerals

By admin • Colorado Minerals • 29 Sep 2013
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Hi All,

First off, sorry for the lack of recent updates and certain mineral specimen pages being out of date- as a frequent buyer I know the frustration that comes with waiting only to find out the specimen you’re interested in either has been sold or is no longer available. As inherently conceited as that sounds and all… :)


Anyways, a brief update on what new with Persson Rare Minerals, grouped into several categories to hopefully make a bit more sense:


Acquisitions: I’ve been busy all this summer buying both individual specimens as well as small collections, and have been lucky to pick up some excellent specimens of both Colorado and ‘worldwide’ minerals at very reasonable prices which I hope to pass on to you. As usual, I try to exercise some degree of what hopefully I don’t sound to pretentious in calling ‘connaisseurship’, or choosing specimens based on criteria such as ‘classic’ localities, aesthetics, size, degree of crystallization and lack of damage, and most of all, acquiring items which I firmly believe I would ‘buy back myself’ for my own collection if I had the opportunity.


Sales: I’ve been focusing sales more towards Ebay, as you may have noticed, though I hope to move back towards website listings this fall. While the website has been a tremendous opportunity and a great mineral marketing venue, I have to admit it simply does not provide the audience nor the advertising capabilities of Ebay, though I do have certain qualms with the way Ebay does business, or rather, the way it forces other people to do business. In any case, sales of both rare species and more ‘conventional’ mineral from worldwide localities have been great on Ebay the past few months, a fact I can attribute mostly to the wonderful repeat customers with whom I’ve been lucky to establish more personal relationships. Thank you!!


Field Collecting- While no single ‘big find’ stands out in my mind from this summer field collecting season, one word I would use to describe my field collecting experiences would be ‘consistent’- consistent field trips, at least once a week and usually 2-3 times, consistent results in using historical research, my knowledge of GIS and maps, and my mineralogical knowledge to track down ‘lost localities’ and find good examples of rare species from ‘classic’ localities, and consistently feeling that I haven’t had a trip which wasn’t ‘worth it’ as far as expense/distance traveled versus reward. Specific trips which stand out include: A week in South Dakota exploring the famous pegmatites of the Black Hills, many trips to various South Platte NYF pegmatite district, Colorado pegmatites, Trout Creek Pass Colorado, Leadville Colorado area mines, Salida/Mount Antero Colorado localities, Canon City area pegmatites and exploration work for my Colorado Coltan, LLC project, and more. Thank you to my field partners Markus R., Nick K., and Tom F. in particular for being such outstanding and dedicated collecting partners!



The spring/summer season started off with the debut of my personal mineral collection at the Spring 2013 Colorado Mineral Show at the City Center Ramada Inn here in Denver, organized by the always excellent MZ Productions, which turned out to be a great success, despite some initial logistical snafu’s. Sales were great and I made some fantastic contacts and got some good feedback and comments on my collection as well as self-collected rare species I was offering.


From here, I took a break from show’s for a bit, continuing in June with the first ever Victor, Colorado Gem & Mineral show, which turned out to be a lot of fun and certainly worth my time. Victor, for those not familiar with it, is a small mining community in the still-active Cripple Creek District on the western edge of Pike’s Peak in Teller county, Colorado, and a fascinating working mining community with a lot of both cultural and mineralogical heritage, much of which has been preserved.

Finally, I was a dealer this year at the annual Denver Gem & Mineral Show, which has grown to be the second largest mineral show in the U.S and one of the premier mineral events in the world, certainly at least in the U.S. I was selling for 3 days at Denver’s version of Tucson’s ‘main show’, and it was an honor to be a dealer at this relatively prestigious mineral venue. While unprecedented rain and bad weather kept attendance down somewhat, it was still a great event and I was lucky to make some excellent future contacts in addition to some good mineral sales.

Looking to the next 6 months, the big event on the horizon in terms of mineral shows is of course Tucson. Tucson, the world’s premier mineral show and a place I’ve both lived and been a visitor to the mineral events over the past 5 years. I’m not sure we will be set up as dealers in Tucson, but I’m in the process of trying to make this work right now, and I hope to be there with some interesting minerals in early February!

Outlook: Looking back on the past year, I never imagined Persson Rare Minerals would ever grow even to the level it has now, and I don’t feel like I’ve hit a ‘plateau’ per say. I feel extremely indebted to everyone who has encouraged and helped me in the project- my partner as well as ‘partner in crime’ Jared Floyd, for tolerate more rocks in his house than any sane man should, my usual field collecting partner Tom ‘Feltspar’ Felts, for being a constant source of excitement, inspiration and energy in all my geologic endeavors, Dr. Markus Raschke, for being both a friend and mentor and encouraging me to return to graduate school, and my other collecting partner Nick Kopiasz, the ‘Alaska Mountain Man’ with an infectious good spirit and a goofiness to rival my own… I couldn’t do it without you guys! Looking forward to the next year or so, the main personal goal I have is beginning a master’s program in geology, which I’m considering doing at the University of Colorado, where I’m continuing to collaborate on some research I started there as an undergraduate. I’m also considering other programs in both the U.S and Europe, depending on funding and where I’m accepted. Another goal is growing my ‘Colorado Coltan, LLC’ project beyond the present conceptual/self-funded exploration-stage status into a viable and competitive rare metals company centered on the Western United States. I believe strongly in this vision and am hoping with continued research, field work, and investor support that we can make this happen together. Finally, I would like to see Persson Rare Minerals grow not just in the financial or sales volume sense, but in the sense of being a respected and recognized ‘brand’ in the business of offering rare and unusual mineral specimens to collectors and academics at reasonable prices. Seeing the present mineral specimen market and how it is roughly structured, I see so much room for improvement and growth, and I would love to be part of this.


Thank you All!!!


best regards,

Philip Max Persson

Denver, Colorado, September 28th 2013.


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