Smithsonite: M’Fouati Mining District, Republic of the Congo


Smithsonite: M’Fouati Mining District, Republic of the Congo


Species: Smithsonite

Locality: Yanga Koubenza Quarries, M’Fouati, Bouenza Department, Republic of the Congo

Dimensions: 16 x 10 x 5 cm

The M’Fouati Mining District in the Republic of the Congo has been famous by mineral collectors for many years for its world-class specimens of dioptase, wulfenite, cerussite, and more, going back to colonial times. More recently, a series of exciting new mineral finds has taken place in the area, with perhaps the most interesting being several fairly small pockets of gorgeous intense blue cuprian smithsonite. The color and luster on these beautiful new smithsonite specimens immediately bring to mind the famous Kelly mine, New Mexico material, which is highly sought by collectors and museums. This is a chance to obtain a specimen every bit as aesthetic as a Kelly mine classic, at a fraction of the price. These smithsonites have stunning color, great luster, and striking 3-dimensional form. This is a choice example from this new find, hand-selected from a small batch of specimens not publicly shown. A handsome specimen that is sure to be a future classic Mark Cross photo.