Thorianite: Betroka, Madagscar


Thorianite: Betroka, Madagscar


Species: Thorianite, Spinel, Phlogopite

Locality: Betroka District, Anosy, Madagascar

Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 2.5 cm. (112 grams)

Ex. David P. Wilber Collection

The world’s best thorianite crystals come from Madagascar’s Betroka region, but almost always, these are loose, single crystals off-matrix. To get a large cluster of sharp, lustrous, well-formed thorianite crystals ON MATRIX like this is extremely unusual for the locality and species. The crystals are undamaged and up to ~8 mm., and are nicely placed on contrasting spinel and phlogopite matrix. A very rare specimen from the noted Dave Wilber collection. Quite HOT too at ~100,000 CPM on my Ludlum Model 3 Counter.