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  1. Eric Krasa says:

    Your booth made the Denver Show! Thanks for exhibiting. I bought several specimens and would like to purchase several more Bulldog mine, Creede, CO Specimens if you can email me some pics and prices. I did find the geology paper you recommended about the geology and paragenesis. The mineralogy is far more complex than I ever imagined.

  2. Keith Compton says:

    Just enquiring as to whether you have any Rocklands Coppers (cabinet size) available.



  3. Philip Malefyt says:

    Phil, you have an excellent business model. Best wishes always!
    Phil Malefyt

  4. Hello.
    I’m selling a radioactive mineral at Japan.
    There is a case that I bought a radioactive mineral from you several years ago.
    I want the same type of radioactive mineral, but do you have it?

    I’d like to know the buy price.
    The quantity wants 2 Kg.


  5. Jeff kroft says:

    Do you have/maintain a list of persons wanting to receive notice of the availability of nee specimens? If so, would you please add my name/email address to it? Many thanks! Jeff

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